Value Your Trade at North Point Auto Sales

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new vehicle or simply are ready to part ways with an older model, North Point Auto Sales is always happy to appraise your current vehicle’s trade-in value. Wondering how much your vehicle is worth? Continue reading to learn more about getting your vehicle appraised with the North Point Auto Sales team.

Why Trade In Your Vehicle at North Point Auto Sales?

Drivers looking for a way to sell their vehicle without having to worry about the hassle and stress of the private market should consider trading it in right here at North Point Auto Sales. Our team will appraise your vehicle, offer a fair price, and take care of most of the paperwork if the trade offer is accepted. And, if you’re purchasing your next vehicle through our dealership, the value of your trade-in vehicle can be put towards your purchase.



What Affects My Vehicle’s Trade-In Value?

A vehicle’s trade-in value is determined through several different factors. The primary factors that will impact a vehicle’s overall value include its condition, age, and the current market demand for the make and model. Other factors, such as accessories, colour option, trim level, and options packages can have an impact on its value as well. To get the most for their vehicle, drivers are encouraged to maintain its condition through routine service.



How Long Do Vehicles Hold Their Value?

The more recent the vehicle, the higher its value. As many vehicle shoppers know, a new vehicle begins to depreciate in value as soon as it is driven off the lot. As time passes, it will continue to depreciate in value. The average vehicle depreciates the fastest during its first five years of ownership. However, this doesn’t mean that vehicles older than five years are without trade-in value. Even if your vehicle is a bit older, our team will still happily work with you to appraise its worth and put together a fair offer.




Get Your Trade-In Vehicle Appraised at North Point Auto Sales

Interested in getting your vehicle appraised? All drivers need to do to begin the process is fill out the secure online form below. Once submitted, a member of the North Point Auto Sales team will reach out to you as soon as they’re available. Have any questions about the trade-in process? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (306) 955-7000, or send us a message directly through our website.