Our Finance Department at North Point Auto Sales

Our Finance Department at North Point Auto Sales

Interested in purchasing your next vehicle from the team here at North Point Auto Sales? If so, our Finance Department is here to help vehicle shoppers figure out their financing options. Our team of automotive finance experts will work carefully with you to make sure you find a financial plan that makes sense for your individual needs and circumstances. Continue reading to learn more about financing your vehicle through North Point Auto Sales.

A family in front of their recently-purchased vehicle.

Why Finance Through North Point Auto Sales?

North Point Auto Sales can help drivers receive approval for automotive financing in a matter of minutes. We offer a comprehensive range of in-house financing options for drivers to choose from, making it easy for drivers to find a payment plan compatible with their budget. Our finance team will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Subprime Financing Options

Drivers with concerns regarding the state of their credit can receive flexible financial plans through North Point Auto Sales. We offer a number of subprime financing options to help drivers with less-than-ideal credit get behind the wheel of their next vehicle.

Appraise Your Trade

Interested in trading in your current vehicle? The North Point Auto Sales team will be happy to purchase your vehicle, and put that money towards your new vehicle purchase. Visit our trade-in appraisal page to see how much your vehicle is worth.

Vehicle Delivery Services

Located in Saskatchewan or Alberta? Vehicle shoppers residing in either province can enjoy free vehicle delivery when they buy a vehicle from North Point Auto Sales. We’ve streamlined our online vehicle purchasing and financing process to ensure drivers get their vehicle in a timely manner, without having to visit our dealership in-person.

Refer a Friend Program

North Point Auto Sales is committed to giving back to our most loyal customers. To do so, our dealership has established a $1,000 Refer a Friend program. If one of our customers refers a vehicle shopper to our dealership, and that shopper decides to purchase a vehicle, we’ll give the referrer $1,000 to thank them for their generosity.

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Get Approved for Financing Online

Interested in financing your next vehicle through North Point Auto Sales? Fill out the secure form below to get approved for financing, and to receive a free credit snapshot courtesy of Equifax. Once we’ve received your request, one of our automotive finance experts will get in contact with you to walk you through your next steps.