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Prime Protection


The Prime Protection Extended Warranty offers various coverage levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Top-Up, and Platinum, each providing different extents of protection for vehicle components.

Coverage Includes

Bronze Coverage: Engine, Transmission/Transaxle, Differential(s)/Transfer Case, Hybrid Components.
Silver Coverage: Includes Bronze Coverage plus Seals and Gaskets, Turbocharger, Supercharger.
Gold Coverage: Includes Silver Coverage plus Air Conditioning, Electrical Components, Brake System, Steering Components, Front and Rear Suspension, Fuel Injection.
Top-Up Coverage: Includes Gold Coverage Plus Electronic High-Tech components like ABS, climate control, and more.
Platinum Coverage: Comprehensive coverage including Engine, Transmission, Differential(s)/Transfer Case, Seals and Gaskets, Air Conditioning, Electrical Components, Brake System, Steering Components, Suspension, Electronic High-Tech, Body Interior and Hardware, Fuel Delivery Components, Cooling System Components, and Diagnostic Costs.

Complimentary Benefits

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance  
  • Rental and Trip Interruption (included under Top-Up and Platinum; optional under Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
  • Reducing Deductible
  • Transferability
  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Options Available with a Surcharge:

  • Ultra High-Tech: Includes features like DVD, GPS, Bluetooth, backup camera, blind spot detection, heated seats, keyless entry, and more.
  • Zero Deductible

For more detailed information on the coverage, please refer to the Prime Protection PDF.