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When it comes to buying a used car, you have two main options: certified preowned (CPO) cars and regular used cars. Both have their own unique benefits, and at North Point Auto Sales in Saskatoon, we offer a wide selection of both to meet your needs. In this blog, we’ll break down the differences between certified pre-owned cars and regular used cars to help you decide which option is best for you.

What Are Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

Certified pre-owned cars are used vehicles that have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer or a certifying authority. These cars typically come with an extended warranty, special financing rates, and other benefits. At North Point Auto Sales, our certified preowned vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. 

What Are Regular Used Cars?

Regular used cars, on the other hand, are vehicles that have been previously owned and sold without the certification process. While they may not come with the same warranties and guarantees as CPO cars, they can still be a great option for buyers looking for affordable and reliable transportation. At North Point Auto Sales, we ensure all our used cars are thoroughly inspected and well-maintained, providing you with a variety of options to fit your budget.

Key Differences Between Certified Pre-Owned and Regular Used Cars

Inspection and Certification:

Certified Pre-Owned: CPO cars go through a comprehensive multi-point inspection and refurbishment process. They are certified to meet strict manufacturer standards.

Regular Used Cars: While regular used cars are inspected, they do not undergo the same rigorous certification process as CPO cars.

Warranty and Benefits:

Certified Pre-Owned: CPO cars often come with extended warranties, roadside assistance, and other benefits such as special financing rates.

Regular Used Cars: Regular used cars typically come with the remaining factory warranty (if any) or an aftermarket warranty, which may not be as comprehensive as CPO warranties. 


Certified Pre-Owned: Due to the added benefits and certification process, CPO cars tend to be priced higher than regular used cars.

Regular Used Cars: These cars are generally more affordable, making them a great option for budget-conscious buyers.

Condition and Age:

Certified Pre-Owned: CPO cars are usually newer models with lower mileage and are in excellent condition.

Regular Used Cars: These cars can vary widely in age, mileage, and condition, providing a broader range of options.

Which Is Right for You?

The decision between a certified pre-owned car and a regular used car depends on your individual needs and budget. If you value peace of mind, extended warranties, and the assurance of a rigorous inspection process, a CPO car might be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for a more budgetfriendly option with a wider variety of choices, a regular used car could be the perfect fit.

At North Point Auto Sales, we offer a diverse selection of both certified preowned and regular used cars to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle with added benefits or a reliable used car at a great price, our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect match.

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Financing Options at North Point Auto Sales

At North Point Auto Sales, we understand that financing is a crucial part of the car-buying process. That’s why we work with a variety of reputable banks and financial institutions to provide you with the best financing options. Some of our partners include:

We also offer inhouse financing options with Creditmaxx Financing, providing flexible payment options and personalized credit solutions for all credit types. 

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